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Cookie & Bakery Mixes

Cookie and Bakery Mixes

Enjoy homemade taste fresh from YOUR oven without all the fuss! So convenient, so scrumptious! Call and ask about wholesale and bulk pricing. NO minimum order.

Cookie Mixes are available in the following delicious recipes:

Sugar Cookies


Chocolate Chip

Oatmeal (nuts, raisins, chocolate chips are optional)

White Chocolate Chip

You need only to add margarine and eggs plus any of the optional items. Instructions for baking are included. Each mix makes 2-4 dozen depending on the size of the cookie. We also include Made In Missouri on the card. Gingham, calico, and seasonal are the cloth materials that we use and can be changed according to the season or let us put your company logo on our muslin bags. The mix is vacuum sealed in a poly bag for freshness. Only 5.75 each!

Announcing our newest additions to our line of Mixes

Funnel Cake Mix $2.75

Pancake/Waffle Mix $4.29

Biscuit Mix $4.99

Cobbler Mix $4.49

Crisp Mix $5.25

Muffin and Quick Bread Mixes $4.99 to $6.50

Our Quick Bread and Muffin Mixes are available in the following taste sensations




Lemon Poppyseed


Plain Muffin Mix can have 1 cup of fruit added to it for a added taste sensation. All breads make 1 large loaf or can be made into muffins if preferred.

Beer Bread Mixes

I am proud to announce that we now have Beer Bread Mixes available.  This is a basic mix for Beer Bread and will make 2-1 lb. loaves or 1 large loaf.  Also included with the mix are recipes to add to make different varieties of Beer Bread for instance Onion Beer Bread for one additional kind.  Try one today.  PICTURE COMING SOON!


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